• CARLY For America PAC Gets Smart With The FEC

    The Super PAC backing Carly Fiorina for president dodged FEC rules this week by changing its name from Carly for America to CARLY for America.

    The FEC ordered the PAC to remove Carly from its name, because it’s a blatant violation of FEC rules that prohibit PACs from using the name of a declared candidate in their name. But instead of removing Carly from the name, the PAC converted Carly into the acronym Conservative, Authentic, Responsive Leadership for You and America (CARLY), reported The Wall Street Journal.

    “It could be Carly for Puppies, it could be Carly for Freedom,” the PAC’s executive director told TheWSJ when the PAC tied to defy the FEC with the name in April. “There’s no legal prohibition against the type of name that we use.” (RELATED: Conservative PACs Defend Spending Habits)

    The FEC formally reprimanded the PAC in May, resulting in the disingenuous name change that did not lead to any changes in the logo or on the website. “The FEC requested that we change our name and we complied,” the PAC’s spokeswoman told TheWSJ.

    In May, Stand with Rand PAC changed its name to SWR PAC, and the FEC recently told the Stop Hillary PAC to remove Hillary from its name. (RELATED: Is Hillary Stealing Speech Lines From Fiorina?)

    Super PACs can collect unlimited contributions, but cannot donate to or coordinate with a campaign.

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