• Dolezal’s Son Made A Fake Hate Crime Complaint

    A little-noticed police report published online Tuesday by The New York Times shows that Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter head exposed as a phony black person, isn’t the only person in her family who has been making hate crime reports that are full of holes: One of her sons also told police a completely false statement to police about being harassed by racist white people.

    The report in question was prepared by Spokane police Detective Brian Cestnik on March 23, 2015, to summarize all the cases he had been involved with relating to Rachel Dolezal in order to aid in the investigation of hate mail she had allegedly received (last week, police concluded the “hate mail” was never processed by the post office, and could only have been placed by somebody with a key to Dolezal’s PO box). Two of the cases are minor and involve no alleged crimes, but the other exposes a completely fabricated claim of racial harassment by Dolezal’s son, apparently as part of an effort to avoid getting in trouble for accidentally destroying wine bottles at a grocery store.

    According to the report, one of Dolezal’s sons (whether this is her biological son Franklin or her adoptive half-brother Izaiah, whom she also claims as a son, is unclear) reported to the police that he was the victim of menacing racial harassment on Feb. 26, 2015.

    “Dolezal’s son [redacted] claimed that he and a friend had been at [redacted] in the evening on 02/26/2015,” the report reads. “[Redacted] told the responding office that an unknown male had yelled at them, saying, ‘Hey you nigger. What are you doing following us?’ [Redacted] claimed that he heard two distinct voices, but said he could not see the males who were talking to him. He claimed that both he and his friend, [redacted] briefly talked to these males.”

    According to the report, Dolezal’s son and his friend became so fearful for their safety that they took off running, briefly hiding in an Albertsons grocery store (in the process knocking over some wine bottles) before leaving and running home in fear.

    But the officer’s report shows that reality paints a distinctly different picture:

    “I did request and receive security video from Albertsons. The video shows [redacted] walking into the store through the north entrance. No one is seen following them into the store. Cameras do show them casually walking around in the store. They are not running and do not appear to be upset in any way. [Redacted] is playing with a basketball as they walk around the store. As they walk down the wine aisle, [redacted] is still playing with the ball… They appear extremely calm. They appear to be playing around, and [redacted] can be seen jumping into the air pretending to dunk the basketball. When he lands, he appears to lose his balance and he falls into a wine display. Numerous bottles of wine fall to the ground and break.”

    After this accident, the two boys report the problem to a store employee and quickly leave, still showing no signs of flight from menacing white men.

    Not only that, but the officer says he spoke with the store employee, who said the boys had lied and claimed the wine bottles fell down on their own. He also spoke with the friend of Dolezal’s son, who said nobody had said anything racial to them and admitted the wine bottles were knocked over due to their horseplay. When they left, he said they walked down main streets, not back alleys as Dolezal’s son had claimed.

    Ultimately, the officer blithely concludes that “the case has been settled as unfounded,” apparently with no further action taken. How the case came to be reported to the police in the first place, and the degree to which Dolezal herself was involved, remains unclear.

    The detective’s account adds to a widening constellation of dubious complaints to the police by the Dolezal family. Besides her suspicious hate mail, Dolezal has also reported incidents such as a swastika sticker being pasted to the door of her workplace and finding a noose hanging near her house. None of these cases have resulted in an arrest.

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