• Homeless Flasher Gets Trapped In Port-A-Potty Poo

    A homeless man in Portland, Oregon was on the receiving end of a little street justice Thursday when a few of his fellow homeless friends flipped over a portable toilet he was in.

    The man was allegedly pleasuring himself in the port-a-potty with the door open when some other homeless people became fed up with his behavior, FOX 12 reported.

    Wow this is a 1st for me. Guy was tipped over while in a honeybucket. He’s covered in feces. @KGWNews pic.twitter.com/sHunjnr3pu

    — Ashley Korslien (@AshleyKorslien) June 4, 2015

    They flipped over the port-a-potty, with the door facing down, so the man was unable to escape, before they ran away.

    An onlooker alerted a nearby police officer to what had happened and Portland Fire & Rescue personnel came to the scene to lift up the port-a-potty and free the man from his sticky situation.

    According to WUSA 9, the homeless man was not injured in the incident, though he was covered in fecal matter from the tank. Police felt so bad for the guy they didn’t even charge him with any crime.

    “Based on the circumstances of the incident, officers decided not to arrest the 48-year-old man and got him some clean clothes,” Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson told the television station.

    The port-a-potty in question was later replaced with a new, fresh port-a-potty.

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