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  • Huckabee: Maybe We Should Ask Chinese Hackers For Lois Lerner’s Emails

    During a speech in Baltimore at the National Sheriffs’ Association Presidential Forum on Law Enforcement Monday, Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Mike Huckabee made gave an interesting response to a question about cyber security.

    “We’ve seen just last week what happens when supposedly the Chinese have now hacked into the personell records of upwards of 20 million government employees. The one positive out of all that is that the only hope we have of maybe recovering Lois Lerner’s emails from the IRS is to get them from the Chinese,” Huckabee joked to a laughing crowd of sheriffs.

    Huckabee attended the Baltimore meeting to curry favor with law enforcement officials. Huckabee pandered to the crowd, largely dismissing claims of police militarization and employing rhetoric about blaming criminals instead of law enforcement.

    He also discussed immigration, emphasizing the importance of closing the border and speaking on deportation. Huckabee said immigrants who want to come to America and learn the language and assimilate may be welcome, but he’d be hesitant otherwise.

    “But if you’re coming to this country because you’ve heard that we’ll educate you, we’ll medicate you, we will let you vote, we will even let you press two and hear it in your own language, and you can keep everything in your own culture and you can even burn our flag while you’re here and raise yours, then I’d meet them at the newly secured border and say, it may not be the best fit,” Huckabee said.”

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