• Pentagon: We Did Not ‘Confirm’ ISIS Has Dirty Bomb Materials

    The Pentagon says it hasn’t confirmed Islamic State militants have captured enough radioactive material to create dirty bombs.

    After World Net Daily claimed the Pentagon confirmed the Islamic State obtained sufficient material from Iraqi facilities to create bombs, The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the Department of Defense for clarification.

    A spokeswoman denied the confirmation, speaking over the phone Monday, but came up short of confirming Islamic State doesn’t have any radioactive armaments.

    Australian intelligence claimed the Islamic State has seized enough radioactive material to suggest it could build a dirty bomb, reports The Independent. NATO is deeply concerned about the issue, because the Islamic State has taken material from Iraqi hospitals and research centers, according to Australia’s foreign minister.

    “We share the same concern as our Australian defense officials and regional partners and will continue to use our intelligence resources to remain vigilant of any activity and indicators of this violent extremist organizations intent to employ such weapons,” according to the Defense Department spokeswoman’s email.

    The Islamic State expressed ambitions for nuclear capabilities in its English-language magazine last month. The terror group suggested it could purchase a nuclear weapon from Pakistan within a year.

    Dirty bombs use conventional explosives to disperse nuclear material and don’t require a nuclear reactor.

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