• Protesters Deface Confederate Monuments In South Carolina

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    Protesters in South Carolina on Sunday defaced a monument honoring Confederate soldiers who defended the city during Civil War in response to the city’s refusal to remove the Confederate flag from flying on the state’s capitol.

    Vandals spray painted the base of the monument named “To the Confederate Defenders of Charleston – Fort Sumter,” writing “Black Lives Matter” and “This is the problem # racist”

    Many around the country are outraged that the flag has not been taken down despite the revelation that suspected killer Dylan Roof proudly displayed Confederate plates on his car before opening fire on the African American congregants of the African Methodist Church last Wednesday and frequently posed with the flag in photos.

    Hundreds of people staged a protest against the flag in Columbia on Saturday and held up signs saying ‘honk to take down the flag’ and sang We Shall Overcome.

    An event page sprang up on Facebook promoting June 27 as National Burn the Confederate Flag Day. The page implores people to flood social media with photos and videos of these burnings:

    “This is our day to demonstrate that it is no longer acceptable to fly this flag anywhere. Organize a Confederate flag burning event in your area on Saturday, June 27th, and flood social media with pictures and videos using the hashtags #FeelTheBurn and #TakeItDown “

    Alicia Powe

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