• Treasury Secretary Jeered During Speech On Iran Nuke Deal

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was booed by attendees at The Jerusalem Post’s annual conference while defending the nuclear deal with Iran in New York on Sunday.

    Lew justified the Obama administration’s strategy on limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities and said the president has reaffirmed U.S. commitment to Israel, reported The Jerusalem Post.

    He stated Tehran “froze and rolled back” sections of its nuclear program since signing the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) in 2013, leading to jeers from the crowd. The JPOA serves as the framework for discussions, pending a final agreement.

    The Jerusalem Post published a video of the crowd’s reaction and a transcript of Lew’s speech.

    Lew denied the implication Iran violated the JPOA after inspectors found increased levels of low enrichment uranium. The findings, released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) raised havoc between New York Times reporter David Sanger and Department of State spokeswoman Marie Harf last week.

    Sanger, skeptical Iran would be able to lower the quantity before deal’s deadline on June 30, said the report jeopardized negotiations. Harf said Iran hadn’t violated the JPOA and that Iran would be able to fulfill the obligations of a final deal.

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    Lew claimed any missteps by Iran would lead to all sanctions being reinstated but admitted there is no current procedure for preventing Russia or China from vetoing a snap back.

    “We are still developing the exact mechanisms by which sanctions stemming from U.N. Security Council resolutions would be reimposed,” Lew said.“But we will not allow such a snapback to be subject to a veto by an individual P5 member, including China or Russia.”

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    Lew was also heckled while speaking on U.S. commitment to ensuring Israel’s safety during the Obama administration, reported The Hill. “The simple fact is this: No administration has done more for Israel’s security than this one,” said Lew.

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