• Turns Out Folks Can Still Buy All That Confederate Gear On Foreign Amazons

    Amazon has responded to the public outcry over the Confederate flag by announcing that it will take down all Confederate flag products from its online store. Sure enough, by Wednesday morning any product carrying either the Confederate battle flag or the flag of the Confederate States of America quickly disappeared from the pages of Amazon.com.

    But as of noon on June 24, Confederate products are still readily available on Amazon’s many foreign affiliates.

    Amazon UK CSA products [Screengrab]
    Amazon UK CSA products [Screengrab]

    Amazon UK, for instance, allows visitors to buy an aluminum signa wristband, and a bandanna, all emblazoned with the Southern battle flag.

    Amazon Canada doesn’t have the battle flag, but it currently has no problem selling the Stars and Bars, which served as the CSA’s first official flag, as well as a shower curtain that features the South’s final official flag, which also incorporates the battle flag. (RELATED: 11 Items Amazon Isn’t Taking Down With The Confederate Flag)

    If you want a straightforward cloth battle flag, your best best may be the French Amazon, which still has it for sale, along with spin-off products like a notebook emblazoned with the flag and this canvas print mixing the flag with an attractive and scantily clad woman.

    Even Germany, which has very strict laws banning the sale of Nazi-related products, has ample Confederate products, such as this belt buckle.

    Americans are able to buy products on foreign Amazon websites.

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