• Confederate Flag Protest Brings Obama Supporter To Tears

    Demonstrators waving Confederate flags greeted President Barack Obama in Oklahoma City Wednesday night, bringing an Obama supporter present to tears.

    Andrew Duncomb, a black man who calls himself “the Black Rebel,” organized the demonstration, in which as many as 10 people waved Confederate flags as Obama’s motorcade arrived, reported Politico.

    “We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,” Duncomb told a local news outlet. “Hell, I’m just out here supporting my flag, not racists, I don’t want no problems with anybody.” (VIDEO: South Carolina Takes Down Confederate Flag)

    The demonstration upset Sequoya Turner, who was wearing a T-shirt bearing Obama’s picture. She stayed at the convention center across from Obama’s hotel 45 minutes after they left, and burst into tears while talking to a Politico reporter. (RELATED: If You See A Confederate Flag, Should You Call 911?)

    “He should’ve had a better welcome than he had,” Turner told Politico, adding that she’s been in Oklahoma City for seven years and Confederate flags are only seen “maybe every blue moon.”

    Duncomb’s group plans to hold more protests. “They’re blaming the racist problems on the flag and not on the real problems of America,” Duncomb told the local news outlet.

    Obama was in Oklahoma to visit a federal prison, where he will met with law enforcement officials and nonviolent drug offenders after he commuted sentences for dozens of mostly drug offenders this week.

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