• DC State Fair To Feature Pot Growing Competition

    Washington, D.C.’s state fair will feature all the usual contests you might expect to see, like a pie contest, heaviest fruit or best flower, but it will feature a new one this year: the “Best Bud” competition.

    Marijuana became legal in the district just under five months ago, giving residents the ability to grow their own weed, and now the state fair will allow them to strut their stuff in public.

    Contestants will submit one small bud to be judged by an as yet undecided panel.

    The buds will be judged in three different categories: appearance, odor and touch.

    Judges will be looking for the stinkiest, stickiest and most sparkly bud to crown as the best of the district.

    “Does it have a sweet, spicy, or murky smell?”

    “Is it sticky? Does the stem snap or bend?”

    “Is it well manicured?”

    These are all questions asked on the official entry form, and only the headiest buds need apply.

    Judges will not smoke any of the marijuana, though, because public consumption is still illegal in D.C.

    The state fair will take place Sept. 12, in the Shaw neighborhood of the district.

    Denver, Colorado, where recreational marijuana is also legal, had a similar competition at its county fair last year, but cancelled it this year after some unexpected consequences. About a dozen people were served chocolate infused with marijuana without their consent and later sued the pot provider in a class-action lawsuit.

    The two sides settled out of court in a confidential agreement and the county fair was not implicated in the lawsuit.

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