• Florida Man To EPA: ‘F**k You!’

    The Environmental Protection Agency is taking comments on its proposal to increase the amount of biofuels refineries have to blend into the country’s fuel supply for this year and next, but its proposal has got one Florida resident really pissed off.

    “What the hell is wrong with the EPA, we have more oil available than ever and higher food prices due to Ethanol and you want to add more of that Ethanol junk????????” the Florida man wrote to the agency in publicly filed comments.

    “Fuck You!” the man wrote in comments, first reported by Politico.

    This Florida man is not the only one who is angry with the EPA for increasing biofuel blending requirements.

    Earlier this year, the EPA proposed blending 7.40 billion gallons of biofuels into U.S. fuel supplies despite heavy opposition from a wide range of industries, environmentalists and anti-hunger groups. The EPA’s biofuel mandate, called the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), has been blamed for increasing food prices, harming the environment and endangering vehicle engines.

    “The corn ethanol mandate has failed to live up to its expectations, spewed millions of tons of greenhouse gases into air and polluted American waterways with chemical farm runoff,” said Mike Lavender with the Environmental Working Group. “Worse still, the mandate has had other unintended consequences, such as engine damage and increased food price volatility.”

    The oil and gas industry is even preparing to launch an ad campaign against the RFS. On Monday, industry groups filed public comments against the EPA’s proposal to increase biofuel blending requirements.

    “High ethanol blends – such as E15 and E85 – that EPA is pushing are not compatible with most cars on the road today, and they could potentially put American consumers and their vehicles at risk,” Bob Greco, the downstream director at the American Petroleum Institute, told reporters on a conference call.

    Most American cars are only made to handle fuels blended with 10 percent ethanol or less, but corn growers and ethanol producers have lobbied the EPA to allow for higher blends of ethanol to be mixed into fuels — these mixes could potentially harm car engines.

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