• Here’s The Corps-Wide Memo On Militias Outside Of Recruiting Centers

    A new Marine Corps memo, aiming to provide guidance to the force as to how to interact with militias guarding recruiting centers, states that local law enforcement are to be notified as soon as armed civilians appear.

    Posted by Oath Keepers, an organization dedicated to defending the Constitution, the memo details the background context of the situation as well as actions that military personnel are supposed to take in light of armed militias gathering around recruiting centers to ward off possible attacks.

    The military has already asked these armed civilians to leave, only to be met with stringent opposition. (RELATED: Military Tells Militiamen To Buzz Off From Recruiting Centers)

    The memo notes that personnel should inform law enforcement that they did not request the presence of militias. Personnel are also instructed not to engage with militias unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, if interaction is unavoidable, personnel should say that while the intent to protect is appreciated, the end result of their activities is unnecessary and disruptive.

    Armed civilians are not permitted to enter the centers, the memo further states, and personnel are not allowed to handle any of the weapons belonging to private citizens.

    Members of the Oath Keepers group have set up shop across the country at centers to guard servicemembers, as the military currently does not allow recruiting personnel to carry firearms for protection.

    In places like Fort Wayne, Ind., the public has shown gratitude to members standing in front of the Armed Forces Career Center.

    “People stop, shake our hands, say thank you. A couple people have broke down into tears. They drop water, donuts, food, the businesses, I mean, it’s just really good. Everyone seems to be real supportive,” Bryan Humes, a member of Oath Keepers, told 21Alive.

    Area businesses have allowed Oath Keepers to use their facilities.

    Some legislators have forwarded proposals to ameliorate the problem of defenseless servicemembers, but have faced opposition from officials like Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, who is concerned about accidental discharge and other consequences.

    In his Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation Thursday morning, Lt. Gen. Robert Neller, the nominee for Marine Corps commandant, argued that arming servicemembers is an extreme measure, and while he would consider it, there are plenty of other force protection methods to implement first. (RELATED: The Russians Don’t Want To See Us Dead, Terrorists Do, Marine Corps Commandant Nominee Says)

    Oath Keepers, however, have pledged to remain outside centers until the military allows servicemembers the right to bear arms.


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