• How Much Is $100 Worth In Your City?

    The real value of $100 varies sharply from city to city in the U.S., a new map from the Tax Foundation based on federal price data shows.

    Prices for the same goods are often much higher in major cities such as New York or D.C. than in smaller cities or rural areas. So for someone living in New York City, $100 is really worth $81.77. But for someone living in Valdosta, Ga., $100 is really worth $122.25, the map shows.

    The Tax Foundation documented this relative value in a map based on 2013 price data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The yellowest colors on the map signify the places where $100 is least valuable, and the deeper red colors signify the places where $100 is most valuable.

    The map shows $100 is worth the least in major cities, such as New York ($81.77), San Francisco ($83.13), DC ($83.47) and Chicago ($93.81). And it’s worth the most in rural areas such as the non-metropolitan areas of Alabama ($120.63) South Dakota ($119.05), Nebraska ($116.82) and Georgia ($118.06). In Valdosta, Ga., it’s worth $122.25.

    Cities are generally more expensive than rural areas, but in some states both cities and rural areas are cheaper. In rural Texas, $100 is worth $114.03, well above rural California, where $100 is worth $102.56.

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