• Is Bill Clinton’s Middle Name Offensive to Civil Rights?

    We are told that the Confederate Flag must be eradicated from society because of America’s legacy of slavery. Walmart, Amazon, and eBay have stopped selling Flag merchandise.

    The the Dukes of Hazzard show has been dropped from cable; and professional golfer Bubba Watson says he’s going to paint over the flag on top of the General Lee, the car he owns from the show.

    It seems to me that if we really cared about the physical and psychological suffering, the torture of human beings enslaved by their fellow man, we might want to do something about the human trafficking that is going on right now in countries like Saudi Arabia.

    The Clinton Foundation should return the millions of dollars of donations from Saudi Arabia, a country that enslaves people right now. But the Clintons refuse.

    So we’ll just focus on the symbolism of American slavery from centuries ago. In that case, slave-owner Andrew Jackson should be taken off the twenty dollar bill, the Democratic Party of Arkansas should rename its annual Jefferson-Jackson Day, which Hillary is scheduled to speak at in the Verizon Arena; and Bill Clinton needs to change his name. After all, William Jefferson Clinton’s great-great-grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Blythe…and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves…for many years.

    If we must eradicate the Confederate Flag from public view, the least Bill Clinton can do is change his middle name. I recommend he drop “Jefferson” and replace it with “King” in honor of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King…a registered Republican.

    I have started a change.org petition to urge Clinton to do just that. Sign it here.

    Doc Washburn

    Doc Washburn has been in Radio since 1977, and in Talk Radio since 1997. He has done shows in Charlotte, Savannah, and Panama City, FL. He does fill-in shows for stations all over the country, but can be heard most often on KARN/LittleRock M-F 2-6P Central, streaming at karnnewsradio.com.

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