• Meet The Special ISIS ‘Infiltrators,’ The Terror Group’s ‘Deadliest Weapon’

    In typical Islamic State-style, the terror group has attempted to brand a special blue bandana-wearing unit to carry out its most aggressive, cunning attacks.

    The unit penetrates targets prior to Islamic State’s ground offensives, vowing to fight to the death, detonating explosive belts if overtaken, the Associated Press reports. This unit of “shock troops,” as AP’s reporters refer to them, is known in Arabic as “Inghemasiyoun,” broadly translated as “infiltrators.”

    One Islamic State video showed the unit rallying around their leader, promising “victory or martyrdom” prior to capturing the Syrian city of al-Sukhna in May. (RELATED: Islamic State Uses Female Brigade To Crack Down On Women, Activist Says)

    They reportedly played an important role in capturing Ramadi in May, one of Islamic State’s biggest victories since overrunning Mosul last summer. The terror group attacked the city during a sandstorm, obfuscating jihadis’ movements, and unleashed a series of suicide bombings to blow through city walls.

    Despite some success, and their blue bandana-brandishing psychos, Islamic State is not elite in an organized military sense of the term. Iraqi security forces and Shiite militias, partially trained and advised by Iranousted Islamic State from Tikrit earlier this year. The Iraqi military, with U.S. support, defeated jihadis in Beiji in June.

    A high profile attempt to produce a propaganda video which boasted ISIS ‘Navy SEALs’ simply showed jihadis clumsily handling weapons, swimming fully clothed, and using laughable battlefield tactics.

    Though reoccurring Islamic State offensives in northern Syria, hitting mainly Kurdish-controlled areas of Kobani, Hasakah and Tel Abyad, demonstrate the relentlessness of the group’s campaign. (RELATED: ISIS’ Latest Assault Shows This Jihadi Menace Is Far From Defeated)

    And, training and military knowhow, aside the Inghemasiyoun are a ruthless force. They reportedly infiltrated Kobani in June, not intending to retake the city but rather to terrorize residents; instead, they executed more than 250 civilians before being killed by Kurdish forces, AP reports.

    One Kurdish commander described the shock troops who raided Kobani as suicidal. “From what we saw, they weren’t planning to leave alive. It seems they were longing for heaven,” Ghalia Nehme told the Associated Press.

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