• Mom of 8-Year-Old Gay Pride Marcher Fires Back At Critics: ‘If You’re Offended, Don’t Look’

    An 8-year-old boy strutted and vogued down Fifth Avenue in a rainbow tutu and gold sequined cap during the New York City Pride March on Sunday.

    A photo of the boy named Desmond, who is nicknamed “Desi,” has sparked nearly 5,000 likes and more than 200 comments, on the Facebook page of LGBT website NewNowNext.

    Critics say the young boy’s participation was inappropriate and are slamming the boy’s mother for allowing — even forcing — her son to be on such blatantly gender-fluid display and the boy’s mother fired back at those who disagree with her decision.

    “If you are offended, don’t look. He is old enough and smart enough to know he would be marching in the Pride parade in front of thousands of people and did it willingly,” Wendylou Napoles wrote in part, in a lengthy post on the Facebook page.

    “In fact, I thought he would stop after 10 blocks of walking, but he felt so good about being dressed up and being who he is that he vogued and danced the entire two miles,” she wrote. “We collaborated on the outfit and this is how he wanted to look today. This was his Pride today. He felt it. He loved it. He was it. These children will be our future. Embrace who they are. All they are asking for is the same love, respect, and acceptance of themselves as any child would.”

    Napoles says she and her husband Andrew have been taking Desmond to watch the Pride March since he was 6 years old.

    She claims she initially felt uncomfortable about her son being gender fluid, but “he loved to see the drag queens and the colorful costumes.”

    “I believe my son will be better off and more successful in the long-term being exposed to all of the diversity at Pride. He needs to know that there is more to life than what he experiences at home, at school, and in our neighborhood.”

    Napoles says in her Facebook post that Desmonds prefers ballet to sports, enjoys playing dress-up in skirts and dresses and has been feminine “from day one.”

    “He is a shy boy who is self-conscious about his missing teeth when he smiles, and very intelligent,” she notes.

    She says that he doesn’t like school because he gets bullied, but she makes sure to “keep him involved in the LGBT community.”

    The Facebook post has drawn a significant amount of praise in addition to criticism. Commenters are calling Napoles “awesome,” “incredibly wise,” “amazing, caring, intelligent,” and a mom who is “changing our world for the better.”

    Psychotherapist Michael LaSala, author of “Coming Out, Coming Home: Helping Families Adjust to a Gay or Lesbian Child,”praises Napoles for her parenting and advises those concerned about Desmond’s dancing to worry more about “kids being exposed to violence and bullying than a child being allowed to express himself.”

    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

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