• Murray: Huckabee’s Homerun

    Commenting on the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, Mike Huckabee, a decent man and member of the cast of thousands currently vying for the Republican presidential nomination stated that Obama was marching Israelis to “the door of the oven.”

    The Left and the mainstream media unsurprisingly went apoplectic, demanding apologies and contrition. Instead, the former Arkansas governor doubled down.

    Huckabee pointed out that he has been to the concentration camps, has seen first hand the horrors that transpired there, including the ovens.

    So have I, and it is unforgettable.

    In murdering over six million Jews, the Nazis methodically incinerated thousands of bodies in Auschwitz and elsewhere. Historical estimates found at JewishVirtualLibrary.org are that when running at full capacity, the various crematoriums in Auschwitz could burn anywhere from 768 to 1,440 corpses in a 24-hour period.

    It is indeed a macabre topic, uncomfortable to write about or to discuss. Huckabee didn’t make his comment lightly.

    After all, there is a reason we decided to preserve those horrific camps for future generations to see, just like there is a reason why we opened the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington: Because humanity must never forget and never repeat those horrific, inhuman indecencies again.

    Which brings us to Iran.

    Iran, by far the biggest State Sponsor of Terror in the World. Iran, whose government denies that the Holocaust ever happened. Iran, whose leaders frequently lead chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel.”

    Iran, whose leaders call Israel a fake, temporary state that must be wiped out. Iran, whose leaders fund, train, and equip Hamas and Hezbollah, terrorist organizations with the singular goal of destroying Israel. That is the Iran with which a legacy-chasing Obama just cut a deal that in a very few years will give them a nuclear bomb at a time of their choosing.

    One important lesson I learned in the Army was that the enemy gets a vote.

    Iran is America’s enemy, and Iran is Israel’s mortal enemy. Iran gets a vote, and they’ve been telling us exactly what their intentions are. A nuclear bomb detonated in downtown Tel Aviv will make the ovens in Auschwitz look quaint by comparison.

    I say homerun, Mr. Huckabee.


    Patrick Murray

    Colonel Patrick Murray (USArmy Ret.), is author of the brand new book "Government Is the Problem."

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