• Open Carry Banned In Whataburger In Restaurants

    A Texas-based fast food chain is going counter to Texas culture when it comes to gun rights.

    Whataburger, which has nearly 800 locations in 10 states, announced that Texas customers will be denied the right to open carry their weapons, even though the state’s governor signed a bill last month to allow open carry, the Associated Press reports.

    “Whataburger supports customers’ Second Amendment rights and we respect your group’s position, but we haven’t allowed the open carry of firearms in our restaurants for a long time (although we have not prohibited licensed conceal carry),” Whataburger President and CEO Preston Atkinson wrote in a letter on the company’s website. “It’s a business decision we made a long time ago and have stood by, and I think it’s important you know why.”

    Texas’ new law, which takes effect in January, allows gun owners to openly carry firearms, but only in locations and businesses that have policies allowing open carry.  Atkinson said he just wants to keep customers from feeling uncomfortable.

    “We’ve had many customers and employees tell us they’re uncomfortable being around someone with a visible firearm who is not a member of law enforcement, and as a business, we have to listen and value that feedback in the same way we value yours,” Atkinson writes. “We have a responsibility to make sure everyone who walks into our restaurants feels comfortable.”

    Atkinson wants to assure his customers, though, that he is not an enemy of gun rights.

    “But first, as a representative of Whataburger, I want you to know we proudly serve the gun rights community. I personally enjoy hunting and also have my concealed carry license, as do others at Whataburger.”

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