• Syrian Pilots Use IPads To Drop Barrel Bombs

    The Syrian military uses iPads to launch barrel bomb attacks that inflict massive civilian casualties, according to a captured pilot.

    Al Jazeera’s Arabic-language channel interviewed Colonel Ali Aboud, who was seized by militants from Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaida, after his helicopter crashed in March.

    Regime forces launch airstrikes from about 16,400 feet, and “helicopter crews use iPad applications to calculate wind speed, aircraft speed, and their distance from the target to ensure accurate bombing results,” according to Aboud, as reported by IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly.

    Al Jazeera aired its interview with Ali Aboud on July 8. (Screen cap)
    Al Jazeera aired its interview with Ali Aboud on July 8. (Screen cap)

    The Syrian military drops chlorine-filled barrel bombs on areas under opposition forces’ complete control, says Aboud. Barrel bombs often contain fuel, explosives or metal scraps. In Aleppo, once Syria’s biggest city, aerial bombardment by the regime is responsible for 3,100 deaths since 2014, Business Insider reported.

    According to Aboud, Russia and Iran are supplying weaponry to the Syrian regime, but neither has military personnel operating alongside Syrian forces.

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