• Ted Cruz: Obama Can Put an Embassy in CUBA But Not in Jerusalem?

    As I wrote earlier, Obama’s logic is completely upside-down.

    The Communist country of Cuba is currently holding hundreds of political prisoners and is still funding terrorism around the world, but Barry has no problem normalizing diplomatic relations with the Communist Castro brothers, reestablishing an embassy in Havana, and opening up travel and trade with Cuba’s murderous regime.

    It’s a horrific decision from start to finish.

    Thankfully, Ted Cruz is out there saying the same thing more eloquently than I ever could.

    “How sad is it that under the Obama administration the United States is going to have an embassy in Havana before we have an embassy in Jerusalem?” Cruz asked talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

    Cruz asked how is it that “this administration will be friendlier to a Communist dictator who hates America and seeks to undermine our nation, than it is willing to stand with our close friend and ally, the nation of Israel?”

    “I think it’s wrong,” he said.

    It is wrong and there really is no answer but that Obama doesn’t see the Castro bastards as murderous dictators. Obama doesn’t give a flying flip about the hundreds of people being locked away forever in Cuba, simply because they dared to demand to be treated like human beings with equal protection on the law.

    It’s disgusting that Obama will celebrate putting an embassy in Cuba while remaining silent in the face of so much evil and oppression. And the media will be right there to kiss his butt along the way.


    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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