• 70 Percent Of Jews Fear Marxist Sympathizer And ‘Friend’ Of Hezbollah Will Be UK Labour Leader

    Close to 70 percent of British Jews are fearful that Marxist sympathizer and “friend” of Hamas and Hezbollah Jeremy Corbyn will soon be leading Britain’s main opposition party.

    The poll conducted by the Jewish Chronicle shows widespread concern among British Jews that the Labour Party is one the verge of being taken over by one of the most left-wing and anti-Israel politicians in British history.

    Corbyn is veteran member of parliament with more than 30 years experience but has never served in government. He has spent as much time rebelling against his own party as he has fighting conservatives. Corbyn started the race for the Labour leadership after the party’s devastating electoral defeat in May at 900/1 on the Betfair, according Guardian journalist John Harris. But thanks to a lacklustre performance by the other candidates and a surge of new left-wing members, Corbyn is heading for a coronation at the Labour Party conference in September.

    Corbyn has been dogged by claims he has tolerated anti-Semitism. In 2009, he shared a platform in Parliament with Dyab Abou Jahjah, who has joked about the Holocaust and said “I consider every death of an American, British or Dutch soldier as a victory,” referring to the war in Iraq.

    Corbyn has also attended events organized by holocaust denier Paul Eisen. In 2013, Corbyn attended an event featuring Eisen just four months after he wrote “I question that there ever existed homicidal gas-chambers. I question the figure of six million Jewish victims of the Nazi assault and I believe that the actual figure was significantly less.”

    Corbyn has been criticized for praising Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer who “dared to speak out against Zionism.” Sizer has been banned by the Anglican church from using social media after he suggested that Israel was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    On Sunday, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown pleaded with Labour party members to vote for one of the more mainstream candidates. Referring to Corbyn, Brown told Labour members in London:

    If our global alliances are going to be alliances with Hezbollah and Hamas, and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela and Vladimir Putin’s Russia, there is absolutely no chance of building a world-wide alliance that can deal with poverty and inequality and climate change and financial instability, and we’ve got to face up to that fact.

    Corbyn’s foreign policy views have long been on the fringes of political discourse. But if he seizes the Labour party leadership, ideas such as unilateral nuclear disarmament and British withdrawal from NATO could become part of the policy debate.

    He has blamed the conflict in Ukraine on NATO and recently gave a fiery interview on Chanel 4 attempting to justify his invitation of Hezbollah representatives to Parliament and labeling Hamas “friends.”


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