• ANOTHER Democrat Senator Tells Obama Where He Can Stick His Iran Nuke Deal

    Losing Chuck Schumer was a major blow to the Obama administration that’s trying hard to secure its precious nuclear agreement with Iran.

    But most people knew that more Democrats would be jumping ship.

    Longtime Obama foreign policy critic U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, announced his opposition to the Iran nuke deal in a longwinded speech Tuesday  at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

    “The President and Secretary Kerry have repeatedly said that the choice is between this agreement or war,” Menendez said in his speech. “I reject that proposition, as have most witnesses, including past and present Administration members involved in the Iran nuclear issue, who have testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and who support the deal but reject the binary choice between the agreement or war.”

    “If the P5+1 had not achieved an agreement, would we be at war with Iran? I don’t believe that,” Melendez said sounding more like a Republican than a upper east coast Democrat.

    “For all those who have said they have not heard–from anyone who opposes the Agreement–a better solution, they’re wrong.  I believe there is a pathway to a better deal.”

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