• BUSTED: Black Lives Matter Leader is WHITE, Family Member Confirms

    For weeks there have been rumblings that the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, Shaun King, is actually a white guy.

    The drips quickly turned into a flood Wednesday when reports were published including a birth certificate, court documents, and mugshots, among other lawful information that all pointed to Shaun King living a lie.

    And then, late Wenesday evening, CNN’s Don Lemon confirmed that he was told from a Shaun King family member that the Black Lives Matter movement figurehead is, in fact, a white man.

    From Breitbart.com:

    CNN’s Don Lemon told viewers that he had spoken to a family member who told him King is caucasian. Breitbart can today add to that confirmation a family member, possibly the same person Lemon spoke to, as well as two childhood acquaintances of King’s who all say he was never considered anything other than white.

    Explosively, they suggest that the “hate crime” King claims was perpetrated on him was racially motivated but it didn’t happen because King was black: it happened because he was a white man dating a black girl.

    King’s story continues to unravel with over a hundred publications and news channels worldwide covering our Breitbart exclusive. King went on a long Twitter tirade yesterday to complain about death threats but as of this morning has failed to address the central question of his race.

    This morning the Daily Caller reported that black conservative group Black Conservatives Fund PAC has offered to donate $25,000 to Black Lives Matter if King can prove that his father is black or if he agrees to a DNA test.

    This is just the latest example of liberal needing to lie, constantly, in order to advance their lame agenda. This guy was going to be exposed sooner or later. And now it has happened.

    Watch the video and see the shock on everyone’s face in the video clip above.

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