• Demotion: See Where MSNBC Just Sent Al Sharpton

    One of America’s most successful charlatans Al Sharpton managed to go from a drug dealing pimp to a mainstream media news anchor.

    After celebrating four years on the air at MSNBC, Sharpton announced to all four of his fans on Twitter that his Politics Nation show is being bumped from five days a week to the God awful 8 a.m. hour on Sunday.

    There’s to ways you can look at this:

    1. Seeing and hearing less Al Sharpton on cable news is a net positive for America.

    2. Spewing his special brand of hate once a week instead of five days a week will open up Al Sharpton’s travel and speaking schedule. In other words, less time on TV for Al Sharpton means he can poison the country with his hate in person.

    I expect to see his name showing up on the White House visitor log more often, now.

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