• Did Jeb Bush Call Marco Rubio An Anchor Baby?

    There is a lot of buzz about the phrase “anchor baby” bouncing around in presidential politics today.

    Jeb Bush is asked a question about what should happen to the parents of children who were born in America to illegal alien parents. To that question Jeb said, “People who are legally, they have a legal visa and they have a child who’s born here–I think they ought to be American Citizens.”

    So far, so good.

    Then Bush went a bit off the rails.

    “People like Marco Rubio, by the way, that’s how he came,” Bush said.

    It’s a weird answer, to include Marco Rubio in a question about “anchor babies.” Rubio’s parents were exiles from Cuba. Rubio was born in America. Rubio’s mom didn’t come to America with the intent to have a baby just so her family could become American citizens.

    Oh, Jeb.

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