• Disgraced Former IRS Head Lois Lerner Email: The GOP is ‘Evil and Dishonest’

    The fascist scoundrel has popped up in the headlines again.

    A new round of Lois Lerner emails have been released, and they actually manage to make the queen of the corrupt IRS look worse than ever.

    The former IRS chief called Republicans “evil and dishonest,” in an email, Fox News reports.

    “They called me back to testify, on IRS ‘scandal,” Lerner wrote. “I took the fifth again and they had been so evil and dishonest in my lawyer’s dealings with them,” she said about being called to testifying about her role in the IRS’s conservative non-profit organization targeting scandal.

    Lois Lerner also called the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision one of the worst things to ever happen in America.

    This scumbag has some nerve calling Republicans evil after she used her position of power to harass people with whom she had political disagreements with.

    Frankly, Lois Lerner is one of the worst things that ever happened to America.

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