• Graham: I Won’t Debate Hillary On Climate Science

    The first Republican presidential debate kicked off with a pointed question to Sen. Lindsey Graham over his stance on global warming and how it would play with conservative voters.

    Fox News moderators asked the South Carolina lawmaker how Republican voters could trust him after he worked with Democrats to advance global warming policy. Graham retorted that his global warming policy involved energy independence, not cap-and-trade.

    “You can trust me to do the following, when I get on stage with Hillary Clinton, we won’t debate the science we’ll debate the solution,” Graham said, saying he would push for energy independence and not cap-and-trade which he says Clinton supported.

    Graham said his energy policy would “break this stranglehold that people enjoy on fossil fuels from people that hate our guts.”

    Graham has been one of the few GOP lawmakers to agree with President Obama that global warming is real and primarily caused by human activities — mainly through the burning of fossil fuels. The South Carolina senator even worked with Democrats in Obama’s first term pass cap-and-trade legislation. The bill would have forced companies to buy credits to emit carbon dioxide.

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