• Greg Gutfeld Just Dropped a Nuclear Bomb on Planet Hillary

    The reliably-shrewd The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld was in rare from Wednesday when he tackled Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal.

    Reacting to reports that the FBI is officially investigating Hillary Clinton’s private email use while she was secretary of state, Gutfeld said “This email scandal has more staying power than her husband on a Cialis bender.”


    Gutfeld also pointed out the obvious in that Hillary being investigated by the FBI means nothing but bad news for the entire Democratic party brand.

    Hillary Clinton is an even bigger punchline now because it’s easy for her eventual Republican opponent to say, “Well, I’m not under federal investigation.”

    And considering that Hillary has been struggling to keep her credibility intact, being investigated for playing fast and loose with her emails is starting to make Grandma Clinton “thoroughly beatable.”

    “The fact is Hill’s favorable ratings are dropping faster than Anthony Weiner’s briefs on Snapchat,” Gutfeld said. “And it’s women who are ditching her. How ironic that both Clintons have female trouble – she can’t get them to stay, and Bill can’t get them to leave.”

    Watch Gutfeld’s painfully funny monologue in the clip above.

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