• Guess Who This Former Hillary Clinton Supporter is Backing for President?

    Longtime Iowa Irene Moran recently came out and said there are a lot of reasons why she went from being a fierce supporter of Hillary Clinton to a Donald Trump disciple.

    Moran says she actually caucused for Grandma Hillary in during her failed ’08 campaign.

    “Yes, last time in the last election I supported Hillary, and I just think now, we have seen so many things that were untruths, that I can’t go that way, that direction anymore,” she said. “I have to go for a more positive attitude, a more truthful attitude…that will help our country.”

    Wow. You’d probably assume that a 63-year-old Walmart greeter from Marshalltown, Iowa would be Hillary Clinton’s key demographic. You’d be wrong.

    “I was raised to never be deceitful about anything, ever, and that’s just the way I feel Mr. Trump will be. He’ll be honest,” Moran said.

    What really turned Moran off from Hillary was not being able to trust a word the woman says.

    “The last seven years have just, really really discouraged me, and upset me,” she said. “Because I don’t think we’re hearing the truth. I mean, we’re hearing what people in Washington, D.C. and the White House want us to hear. We’re not hearing what I think is really going on, and I feel so sorry for the Benghazi families. They buried their men, their husbands, their brothers, their Uncles, their dads, and we still don’t know what’s going on with that.”

    Moran isn’t an outlier.

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