• Hillary Denies It Once Again

    Clinton once again declared that she never received nor sent any emails with information marked “classified” on her private server when asked about the FBI’s discovery of her emails containing top-secret information during the Iowa State Fair on Saturday.

    She said that Republicans are showing a “tendency” to make the Benghazi tragedy into a partisan issue that she will neither approve of nor participate in, but said she would let the Department of Justice carry on with its investigation.

    Clinton insisted that the subject of her emails is usually brought up by reporters, rather than the constituents she encounters on the campaign trail because most people are more interested in what she has to say about policy.

    ‘We’ll see how this all plays out, but it’s not anything that people talk to me about around the country,’ she told a mass of reporters huddled outside a barn at the fair.

    She said questions about her emails and server are ‘never raised in my town halls. It is never raised in my other meetings with people.’

    The Democratic frontrunner dismissed the scandal as the usual “partisanization” of issues she sees on a regular basis when asked about whether she feels that the scandal is a liability to her campaign.

    She finished her response by restating that Iowa constituents want to vote for someone who can deliver results on the issues.

    Inspectors general from the Justice Department and the Intelligence Community found in a review of Clinton’s emails that she both sent and received classified information even though it was not labeled that way at the time.

    A total of 30,000 work-related emails that passed through her personal email server. Among the first 60 flagged emails, nearly all contained classified secrets at the lowest level of “confidential,” one contained information at the intermediate level of “secret and two are “top secret.”

    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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