• Honest Tea SHOCKED To Discover DC Residents Are Dishonest

    Honest Tea Company ranked Washington, D.C. as one of the most dishonest cities in the country after someone allegedly took advantage of its honor system to run off with a wad of cash.

    The firm regularly conducts “lighthearted” honesty experiments, in which employees set up and monitor a stand offering bottles of its organic iced tea for $1 each on an honor system, reported The Washington Post. The firm has been experimenting on unsuspecting residents in 27 cities for six years, and says D.C. is the first city in which someone has actually stolen money.

    “We’ve had people pretend to steal the money box in years past but no one has actually lifted the lid and taken money out,” Honest Tea spokesman Dan Forman told The Washington Post. “This is the first time ever, no matter the city, where that has happened.”

    The alleged theft happened at Dupont Circle, when Honest Tea employees observed someone steal between $5 and $20 from the box. They did not report the theft to police.

    Providence, Boston and Tampa also ranked among the most dishonest cities, while Atlanta ranked as 100 percent honest. Overall, Honest Tea gives the 27 cities a 94 percent honesty rating.

    “It’s always refreshing to see that Americans are more honest than most people assume,” Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman told The Washington Post. “During these election cycles we are reminded that we have different views across the country, but that doesn’t mean people are dishonest.”

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