• How A Firefight Erupts In Ferguson

    A day that surely started out peaceful, quickly disintegrated into chaos. The one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death brought out some of the worst elements of the “Black Lives Matter” movement early Monday morning.

    According to the St. Louis County Twitter account, “A St. Louis County officer was involved in an officer-involved shooting after coming under heavy gunfire.”  This firefight resulted a “man shot and wounded by St. Louis County police officers,” The New York Times reported, who is still “in critical condition Monday as Ferguson braced for a tense day of demonstrations commemorating the killing of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by a white officer a year ago.”

    This man was shot by the police just moments after “Black Lives Matter” agitators could be heard yelling, “We ready for war!”

    Their calls for violence was caught on camera:

    Words like “peaceful” and “protest” are being assigned to these misused fools. They don’t seek justice. Their goal is to invite violence by spewing their invective. The media shoves a camera in their face. And the false narrative of police targeting blacks becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    This is our new national normal. From the streets to the TV screens, this new form of raging just to rage replaced the more honorable style of marching in protest of oppression.

    Until someone stands up and shames these hoodlums into submission, these temper tantrums will persist and more blood will be shed.

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