• Hypocrisy? Marine Facing Punishment Worse Than Hillary Clinton Over Email Controversy

    Now that we know that at least 60 emails found own Hillary Clinton’s “Home Brew” secret email server contained classified information, one would think that a mountain of federal charges would have already been brought against the would-be Democratic presidential nominee. But they aren’t.

    Meanwhile, Marine Reserves Maj. Jason Brezler, who sent a classified document from his personal email account that could’ve saved lives, may be discharge from the corps.

    even though the email was intended as an urgent warning that lives were at stake in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, the Daily Beast reported.

    Brezler’s email contained information about the whereabouts of Sarwar Jan, a deadly Taliban operative who’s also a narcotics and arms trafficker in Afghanistan. The email was sent to Brezler who then sent the email from his Yahoo email account.

    “I just reacted the same way that I would in a gunfight; the same way I would at a fire,” he said in court papers. “I just immediately reacted.”

    Nine Marines died despite Brezler’s attempts to thwart an impending attack.

    Wait for it: Brezler was punished for committing a security breach.

    Six Marines testified on behalf of Brezler, a number of whom also testified on his behalf with regard to the particulars of the case.

    Brezler has deployed four times total, to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    While awaiting the completion of his investigation, Brezler is a member of Rescue 2 of the New York Fire Department.

    A former firefighter recently asked Brezler, “Hey, Jason, what did you do that Hillary didn’t?” One might only imagine his response.

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