• Is Jeb Bush Offering ‘Free’ College?

    According to Redstate’s Erick Erickson, Jeb Bush “said we needed more options and state flexibility and name checked Tennessee promise” as a shining example of state flexibility for lowering and providing an affordable college education.

    The truth is, however, according to TheHill.com, Jeb Bush supports the same free college tuition policy that President Obama proposed in the past.

    Bush, however, attempts to sidestep the backlash he’s sure to get by saying that his plan is really about supporting two years of free community college.

    It’s unsure why Jeb Bush would go down this educational policy road the runs so close to plans put forth by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    What makes this even more puzzlingly is that Jeb Bush is still licking the wounds he received from the conservative base over his support from Common Core, what many conservative voters and analysts see as a federal takeover of education and curriculum.

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