• Is Your ZIP Code The Most Faithful in America? Only Three Shun Ashley Madison

    Those who have shelled out cash in the desperate pursuit of an affair have been living in fear that their identity will be revealed after the massive data breach at adultery site Ashley Madison, but residents in just three of America’s ZIP codes have nothing to fear.

    Ashley Madison had 37 million profiles from all over America and beyond posted on the dark web. All in all profiles were found in 43,000 ZIP codes. But the upstanding residents of three small towns shunned the controversial website. These areas, perhaps unsurprisingly, are sparsely populated and have little access to the Internet.

    An investigation by Gawker found that Nikolai, Alaska: 99691, with a population of 94, according to the 2010 census, had no users. Just over 42 percent of Nikolai’s residents over the age of 15 are married, 12 percent are separated and 4.3 percent are divorced. (RELATED: Gawker Reporter Creates Ashley Madison Account For Research)

    Speaking to Gawker, Nikolai resident Nancy Vanderpool said “The married couples are the ones that have been around forever, so you know. There’s quite a few couples, there’s a lot of single guys but then there’s a lot of couples too, though. More males than anything.”

    Alaska managed to rack up a second ZIP code devoid of Ashley Madison’s temptation with the town of Perryville, Alaska: 99648 with a population of only 113. One of the main reasons Perryville may have stayed clear of the adultery site, according to one of Gawker’s interviewees, is that just 10 households in the whole town have Internet access.

    Moving away from The Last Frontier, the only other ZIP code in the country found to not have any Ashley Madison accounts was Polvadera N.M.: 87828. The New Mexico town has a somewhat larger population than its Alaskan counterparts at 269. A picture of secluded rural life, courthouse employee Betty told Gawker:

    It’s a nice, quiet town. There’s not even a grocery store or anything there. You have to go to Mesilla Park which is a few miles out, there’s a gas station and a convenience store and that’s about it, til you get to Soccoro. There’s no library or anything there, no schools.

    So for now at least, the residents of these three small towns don’t have to worry about swarms of journalists checking their details to find prominent local figures engaged in the murky world of Internet-based cheating. (RELATED: Menendez’s Chief of Staff An Ashley Madison User)

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