• Jeb Bush Opens Up About the Iran Nuke Deal, Well, Sort of

    Jeb Bush doesn’t do a lot to calm the voices that point out how much of a squish he is on some of the most political issues facing most Americans. From education to immigration, Jeb Bush is bad at best.

    And it now appears that common sense conservatives have, yet, another issue to which they can wrap around Jeb’s neck.

    The Republican presidential candidate danced and dodged a question about if he would reject the Obama administration’s Iranian nuclear deal.

    At a town hall in Merrimack, New Hampshire on Thursday, Bush refused to reply to the simple question with a straightforward answer.

    “But you will rip up the agreement if there’s one when you become president?” asked a woman in the crowd.

    “I’ll certainly look at it,” Bush responded.

    I’ll look at it? Seriously?

    I would never carry water for ol’ Jeb, but one think that he could do a little better than “I’ll take a look at it.”

    No wonder we keep losing elections. It’s weasel answers like that from loser candidates that keep Democrats in power.

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