• Joe Biden Calls Islamic Terrorist What Obama Won’t

    You know America is going straight to hell when Uncle Joe Biden is sounding like the smartest man in the room.

    At Saturday’s memorial service for the four U.S. Marines and a Navy sailor who were murdered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Vice President Joe Biden uttered: “When this perverted jihadist struck, everyone responded”

    Biden was not done.

    “We have a message for those perverted cowards around the world. America never yields, never bends, never cowers and never stands down,” Biden said.

    In one line, Joe Biden has shown more passion and willingness to call out Islamic terrorism than Obama has in nearly 8 years as president.

    Given the dismal state of the Democratic presidential, Joe Biden’s brass frankness is, by default, making him look like a cut above the rest.

    And that’s just frightening.

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