• John Bolton Slams Rand Paul In Nuclear Attack Ad

    If you’re going to drop an ad on debate day, it better be big. Nuclear, even.

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton’s foundation plans to launch an attack ad Thursday afternoon against Senator Rand Paul that features a sweet family being obliterated by a nuclear bomb. The ad suggests this could be your fate if you elect Paul to the presidency.

    The ad uses a quote from Rand: “Our national security is not threatened by Iran having one nuclear weapon” followed by the words “It only takes one” on the screen with a nuclear blast in the background.


    The inflammatory ad comes as conservatives decry Obama’s Iran deal as paving the way for Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

    Paul has supported the Iran talks but has actually come out against the Iran nuclear deal.

    “I will oppose any deal that does not end Iran’s nuclear ambitions and have strong verification measures,” Paul said during his presidential announcement. “And I will insist that the final version be brought before Congress. The difference between President Obama and myself [is], he seems to think you can negotiate from a position of weakness.”

    While Bolton has largely not picked sides in the campaign, he has been critical of Paul’s more libertarian foreign policy.

    “There is no chance, contrary to Senator Paul’s view, that Obama’s negotiating mistakes can be rolled back,” Bolton told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “And we see evidence already, just in the past few days, that Iran is still covering up its weaponization activities.”

     While a separate Bolton backed ad attacks Paul for his stance on Iran, the nuclear ad above will be targeted to people on social media.

    The $10,000 ad buy comes the day of the first Republican primary debate, where Rand Paul will go up against nine other of the top polling challengers.

    “Make no mistake, our national security is threatened by Iran having any nuclear program at all, let a lone a path to nuclear weapons, or even one such weapon,” Bolton told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “The Vienna deal is a historic mistake; Iran has been the leading state sponsor of terrorism for over 30 years and now on its way to nuclear weapons without any economic sanctions.”

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