• Krauthammer: Hillary, This is Why You’re Not Funny & No One Is Laughing

    In an attempt to turn her tragically corrupt practice of secrecy and corruption into a gut-busting joke, Hillary Clinton opened up about her current secret Home Brew email server scandal at a recent presidential campaign event in Iowa.

    Hillary Clinton lobbed a joke about recently opening a Snapchat account and said “I love it” because, “those messages disappear all by themselves.”

    “It shows you once again how bad a candidate she is. That attempted self-deprecation about Snapchat was cringeworthy,” Krauthammer said. “It doesn’t work. If she had the charm of her husband it might work, but she doesn’t.”

    Krauthammer continued to make the point that Hillary’s failed attempt at deflecting the drones in the media is obvious as federal investigators have now flagged hundreds of her emails that most likely contained top secret information. Hillary’s standup routine won’t distract the public and voter away from the obvious: Hillary Clinton lied about her secret email server and now she’s trying to get away with it.

    “They keep a double standard. They allow it to drag on so that she can get away with it,” Krauthammer said. “I would suspect that she would be least in jeopardy of being indicted, but surely exposed as having said a lot of things that aren’t true.”

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