• Listen: How CNN Guest Compares Jesus, Illegal Immigrants

    There’s really no other way to put this: There are some massively dump people in this world and CNN has one of them on Monday morning to talk about the persistent problem of illegal immigration in America.

    “Well, not only was Jesus a rebel, but Jesus was an undocumented immigrant himself when he fled to Egypt seeking persecution [sic] in his day,” said Rev. Ryan Ellers “So the question becomes would we call Jesus himself illegal if he were, you know, in our modern times?”

    First things first. Jesus Christ was not an illegal immigrant. You’d think a friggin’ pastor would know better.

    Secondly, stop using Jesus to make your dimwitted points.

    Thirdly, let us all recognize that the most compassionate thing we can do is support the sanctity of a sovereign nation and its immigration laws. Millions of people come to America legally. To allow all those millions who did not get here the right way to become citizens would be wrong and unfair. If millions can do it the right way, it’s just demeaning to assume that other people aren’t capable of following our laws and immigrating legally.

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