• LOL: This Is How Grandpa Bernie Clobbers Grandma Hillary Clinton

    The awfully ridiculous state of the Democratic party right now perfectly personifies the mess America is also in.

    There’s a new poll out as of yesterday that has Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) clobbering the Democrat’s horrible savior Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

    Sanders is butchering Hillary and has managed to take a 44 to 37 percent lead over the former secretary of state. Sanders was down by more 30 points just a few short months ago, which makes his climb to the top that much more impressive. The new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll was reported on Tuesday evening just as news was breaking that Hillary Clinton was caught sending email with highly classified content on them. Her secret Homebrew email server has been seized by the FBI.

    With all the stories of scandal and corruption coming out of Clinton camp over the last serval months, it’s really no big surprise that Sanders is clobbering Clinton after being down 44 to 8. The old dude has been selling out one arena after another. He’s an avowed socialist, and the crazies adore him.

    Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden is loving this news. He’s just waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump in and deliver the death blow to Hillary.

    Look at him:

    Biden looking

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