• Marco Rubio SHREDS Obama For Sucking Up to Two Tyrannies

    The U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba was reopened today. The event marks the end to extended negations between the communists country and American officials.

    Noticeably not invited to the “historic” event were the hundreds of Cuban dissidents who’ve been marginalized, imprisoned, tortured, beaten, denied healthcare, starved, and even executed for simply supporting and demanding that all Cubans be granted even the most basically human rights.

    We’ve been told by members of America’s butt-sucking media and Obama administration officials that reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba is a step in the right direction, because Progress:

    That tweet comes from Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications & Speechwriting, Ben Rhodes.

    Rhodes tweets this crap, the media sucks it up, and publishes it.

    Meanwhiles, no one asks if reopening the Cuban embassy is so great than why were Cuban dissident barred from attending the event.

    The Obama machine has been saying that there wasn’t enough room to place them. But this pictured disproves that half-baked spin:

    Cuben room

    In response to this madness, first generation Cuban-American and Florida Senator Marco Rubio wrote “In Cuba, we face proudly anti-American leaders who continue to work with nations like Russia and China to spy on our people and government; who harbor fugitives from American justice; and who stand in opposition to nearly every value our nation holds dear by violating the basic human rights of their own people, preventing democratic elections, and depriving their nation’s economy of freedom and opportunity.”

    And Barack Obama only pays lip service to the facts Rubio writes about above.

    On average, the Cuban people earn less than $3o per month.

    The Castro Brothers are billionaires.

    “The negotiations with Cuba have proven equally one-sided. President Obama has rewarded the Castro regime for its repressive tactics and persistent, patient opposition to American interests,” Rubio wrote. “He has unilaterally given up on a half-century worth of policy toward the Castro regime that was agreed upon by presidents of both parties. He has ensured the regime will receive international legitimacy and a substantial economic boost to benefit its repression of the Cuban people, which has only increased since the President announced his new policy.”

    Obama sold the Cuban people out for cheap so he could get a “I Made History in Cuba” exhibit at his stupid presidential library.

    What a digrace.

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