• Martin O’Malley: ISIS ‘Genocide’ Of Christians Must Stop

    Democrat presidential contender and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said Islamic State is trying to wipe Christians off the face of the Earth, and America isn’t doing enough to stop them.

    “ISIS’ plan to destroy Christianity in the Middle East is more ambitious than simply wiping out the Christian population; it also aspires to erase any semblance that Christianity ever existed in the Middle East,” O’Malley wrote in an editorial in the Detroit Free Press.

    “‘Genocide’ is not an overstatement,” he added, saying ISIS’ violence against Christians “requires an extraordinary effort on our part to protect them.”

    O’Malley pointed to ISIS beheading and murdering of Christians. ISIS has destroyed churches and forced Christians it doesn’t execute to pay a tax for not converting to Islam.

    O’Malley argued the U.S. should provide asylum for Christians fleeing the region seeking amnesty. He pointed to a case where fleeing Christians have been detained in San Diego for five months.

    “Protecting religious minorities against ISIS and facilitating the safe passage of those in the most precarious circumstances is a moral imperative,” O’Malley wrote. “We can and must do more.”

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