• NBC News: What Did ChiComs Read In Hacked Emails From Top U.S. Officials?

    Under Obama, Chinese hackers, among others, have been handing America’s security apparatus one loss after another. The latest embarrassment, a new report from NBC News says, Chinese hackers have been actively targeting the personal email accounts of White House officials from at least April 2010 to 2014.

    This is a disaster, especially when you consider the “laser like focus” Obama has put on beefing up the federal government’s cyber security. Truth is, it’s a joke. The Chinese have called Obama’s bluff. And it ain’t looking pretty.

    Estimates are that “many” top officials’ information has been snatched up by the hackers.

    The hackers targeted the federal government’s IT infrastructure, itself. This is to say that they didn’t go after a board bass of data like they have in the past, snatching up State Department and Office of Personnel Management inception information. No. The hackers nabbed personal emails from Google and other major providers.

    Google made several public comments about the attack in 2011. But the feds shoved a pillow over their collective faces.

    Worst still is the fear that these hack attacks tool advantage of Grandma Hillary, who was conducting official State Department business on her a private email account while these hacks were taking place.

    For this, among many other reasons, Hillary Clinton’s terrible judgment disqualifies her from running this terribly failed government mess. She can’t figure out how to use two separate email accounts, how the hell is she going to beat China?

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