• Now What? Real Evidence of Mustard Gas Against Kurds

    Earlier this year, a Libyan military official came out and said that Islamic State fighters in Libya were aware of the location that country’s chemical weapons stockpiles and may have taken hold of them. “Unfortunately chemical weapons exist in locations known to the militias, who have seized large amounts of them to use in their war against the Libyan army,” the anonymous Libyan military official told Asharq al-Awsat.

    Then, came word ISIS militants near Italy had been testing the chemical weapons left unguarded after the fall of Moammar Gadhafi. “Before his death, Gadhafi left approximately 1,000 cubic tons worth of material used for manufacturing chemical weapons and about 20,000 cubic tons of mustard gas,” the military official said.

    Now headlines read, “U.S. investigating ‘credible’ reports ISIS used chemical weapons.

    More details from NBC News:

    The terror group used mustard gas in an attack against Kurdish fighters, two defense officials and an intelligence official told NBC News. Mustard gas, infamously used during World War I, can cause blisters, blindness and respiratory damage.

    The defense officials said this is the second time ISIS has used chemical weapons — the first occurred in “recent weeks” in Syria — but they declined to provide more details, citing operational security concerns.

    Kurdish fighters have reported that chemical weapons had been used in ISIS attacks in the past. In March, the Kurdistan Region Security Council claimed that chlorine gas was used in a Jan. 23 suicide truck bomb attack in northern Iraq. Thursday was the first time U.S. officials have said they believe chemical weapons were used by ISIS.

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