• NYT Finally Corrects Erroneous Planned Parenthood Stories

    The New York Times finally corrected two Planned Parenthood stories Monday — more than two weeks after they were published — acknowledging The Center for Medical Progress did not withhold critical information from the public when it published the first undercover video.

    Times reporter Jackie Calmes wrongly reported on July 20 that CMP spokesman David Daleiden “released what he called the full recording [of the first video] last week after Planned Parenthood complained of selective, misleading editing.”

    CMP released a full-length version of the video and a full transcript at the same time it released the 9-minute edited version, not later in response to pressure from Planned Parenthood.

    The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway said she notified The Times almost immediately the next morning, but the Times repeated the false report in a July 22 editorial.

    I notified them of factual error early in day yesterday. Ridiculous. RT @WardrobeDoor@MZHemingway Last line is still there and unchanged.

    — Mollie (@MZHemingway) July 22, 2015


    The Daily Caller News Foundation also pointed out the error here.

    More than two weeks later, on August 6, the Times corrected the error in both stories.

    First to the report:

    “An article on July 21 about a video made by abortion opponents, which they said proved that Planned Parenthood sells tissue from aborted fetuses for profit, referred incorrectly to the timing of the release of what was described as the full-length, unedited version of the video showing a Planned Parenthood employee talking about how much clinics charge for specimens. The full video was posted at the same time as the edited version. It is not the case that the full video was not released until ‘after Planned Parenthood complained of selective, misleading editing.'”

    And then the editorial:

    “An earlier version of this editorial incorrectly stated that the full video was released by Center for Medical Progress after complaints by Planned Parenthood. It was posted at the same time as the edited version.”

    The Times public editor, who advocates for readers of the Times, declined to comment. A spokeswoman for the Times did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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