• Old Women Battle With Razor, Pepper Spray On JetBlue Flight

    Two people have been arrested and two others hospitalized in New York after a passenger spat between two women on a plane escalated into a bruising battle involving a razor blade and pepper spray.

    It all started Wednesday, when JetBlue Flight 690 arrived at JFK International Airport from Kingston, Jamaica. According to the New York Post, 61-year-old Jean Ballentine grew restless waiting to disembark from the plane and decided to simply clamber over fellow passenger Mary Cannady, 52, who was sitting in an aisle seat.

    That was a mistake.

    Cannady shoved Ballentine away, and Ballentine apparently retaliated by punching Cannady in the face, then breaking out an eyebrow razer she used to slash both Cannady and a male passenger who attempted to intervene.

    Cannady in turn decided to break out a can of pepper spray, filling the airplane compartment with unpleasant fumes. The use of weaponry was notable, given that neither the razor nor the pepper spray should have been allowed into the passenger cabin in the first place.

    Ballentine and Cannady were both arrested. Ballentine has been charged with second-degree assault and unlawful possession of a weapon, while Cannady has been charged with unlawful possession of tear gas. Both combatants were largely unharmed, the post says, but two others were hospitalized thanks to cuts from Ballentine’s razor and breathing difficulties from Cannady’s spray. According to the New York Daily News, seven total people required treatment for breathing difficulties.

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