• Over Half of America Wants Hillary Under Criminal Investigation

    The whispers about this server scandal being the one that dethrones Hillary Clinton are now becoming roars.

    A new Monmouth University poll found that 52 percent of those asked said they want to see a criminal investigation launched into Hillary Clinton’s secret Home Brew server.

    That’s 52 percent, folks!

    Not surprisingly, that development hasn’t stop the Clinton spin machine from running in overdrive.

    “I think it’s worth repeating what Hillary said when she was walking away from the press conference, which is the press have a lot of questions about emails, but voters don’t,” said senior Clinton liar Jennifer Palmieri.

    Clearly Palmieri and Hillary haven’t seen the poll above. Truth is, these dummies just believe what they want to believe.

    Palmieri contended that Hillary hasn’t “gotten one question” about her Home Brew server being seized by the FBI from the voters. If that’s true, it’s probably because most of Hillary handlers keep regular people away from her. And the people she does talk to are all vetted by her campaign, if they are not Democratic party plants.

    But again, the voters and the people giving money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign are very concerned about her being investigated by the FBI:


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