• Pastor: Because Of This Danger Parishioners Should Be Armed

    After the horrific slaughter of nine people worshiping in a church in South Carolina, there’s has been a lot of talk among religious leaders about why faithful Americans should take their protection in their own hands.

    Melvin Clark is one of those religious leaders.

    Clark is the pastor at Washington Missionary Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C. He went on Fox News to explain why he has asked some of his parishioners to serve as security guards.

    “I think the key to this is having people who know how to handle situations,” Clark said. “It becomes a safer place for people who want to defend themselves.”

    Clark says he has been in communication with his local law enforcement and is receiving their assistance on how to best implement his perfection plan.

    “It’s not necessarily the focusing upon guns,” Clark says, “but focusing on a process or a method of handling this.”


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