• How Pro-Life Protesters Plan To Bombard Planned Parenthood Clinics Saturday

    Pro-life organizers plan to hold hundreds of rallies Saturday to bring attention to allegations Planned Parenthood is illegally harvesting aborted baby parts for profit.

    Groups such as Live Action, 40 Days for Life, and the March for Life Education and Defense Fund have joined together to organize 290 rallies, in which protesters will demand action against Planned Parenthood.

    “We hope that this demonstration will raise awareness about the dangers of Planned Parenthood, and help to stop the flow of more than half a billion in tax dollars annually to an organization that profits from killing children,” Live Action President Lila Rose said in a statement Thursday.

    The Center for Medical Progress has released a series of undercover videos that show top Planned Parenthood doctors callously discussing the harvesting of aborted fetuses and haggling over the fee they charge to procure specific parts for researchers.

    Several other videos show a former medical technician who harvested fetuses in the clinics discuss her traumatic experience, including the moment she cut through the face of a late-term male fetus to harvest its brain.

    “Americans on both sides of the political aisle have been have been shocked as they have watched one video after the other of Planned Parenthood officials exploiting the dignity of the human person — both mother and baby,” March for Life Education and Defense Fund President Jeanne Mancini said in a statement Thursday.

    Planned Parenthood denies all allegations, saying it adheres to the law and does not profit from the exchange of fetal parts.

    House Republicans leading a congressional investigation into the matter requested specific information Wednesday regarding the abortion practices of 58 Planned Parenthood affiliates, and have demanded a Department of Justice investigation.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed a show vote to defund Planned Parenthood before Congress broke for August recess, but the vote predictably failed.

    Planned Parenthood is set to receive half a billion dollars in federal funding this year, and its affiliates collectively perform more than 300,000 abortions each year.

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